Chinese Take-Away


An imaginative blend of black humor, reluctant romance, fish-out-of-water comedy and odd-couple buddy movie, Chinese Take-Away provides another opportunity for Ricardo Darin (The Secret in their Eyes) to show why he is considered one of the best actors in the world today. In a characteristically underplayed but compelling performance, Darin plays Roberto, a cranky loner who owns a hardware store in Buenos Aires and spends his free time collecting absurd news stories. He is also a love-shy single (despite the advances of his lovely neighbor) who firmly believes that life is meaningless until a series of outlandish coincidences (more absurd than any news story from his collection) makes him the unwilling protector of a clueless Chinese visitor named Jun, who is trying to find his long-unseen uncle. With their language barrier making communication virtually impossible, Roberto and Jun blunder through their unexpected adventure with screwball confusion, until Roberto finds a delivery boy to translate for Jun, and he learns Jun’s dramatic story – a story which will change both their lives forever. (Dir. by Sebastian Borensztein, 2011, Argentina, in Spanish & Mandarin with subtitles, 93 mins., Not Rated) Digital