“You better watch what you say about my car. She’s real sensitive.” Master of Film Horror John Carpenter took on Master of Literary Horror Stephen King and put the terror pedal to the metal in this chilling adaptation of King’s iconic story of boy meets girl – only in this case the girl is an obsessively jealous 1958 Plymouth Fury nicknamed “Christine.” Horn-rimmed teen geek Arnie (Keith Gordon in a wonderfully unhinged performance) restores this hunk of junk to her former glory, and in the process is mysteriously transformed into the coolest dude in school. But when a jealous high school bully and his gang of thugs trash Arnie’s chrome-plated beauty, they find themselves falling one-by-one to her vicious whitewall vengeance. One of three King adaptations to hit screens in 1983 (joining Cujo and Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone), Carpenter’s follow up to The Thing is a creepy and sinister coming of age tale told with compelling restraint (nary a drop of blood is spilled, in marked contrast to the gruesomely gory antics of The Thing), yet the film still packs a terrifying wallop. Visually perhaps one of the filmmaker’s slickest and most accomplished features, Christine proved that John Carpenter could put his unique stamp on material not his own and still set the world to screaming. (Dir. by John Carpenter, 1983, USA, 110 mins., Rated R) Digital