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Christmas Evil


Tis the season to start screaming, and holiday mayhem doesn’t get much more insane than this incredible 1980 dark comedy/horror classic about the true meaning of Christmas – a bona fide cinematic nut log beloved by exploitation flick aficionados, including Pink Flamingos director John Waters, whose obsessive love for Christmas Evil is legendary.

Christmas Evil is the best Christmas movie ever made – a true cinematic masterpiece!” – John Waters

When he was a boy, little Harry idolized Santa Claus, but one Christmas Eve, he witnessed something horrifying that forever shattered his innocent understanding of Santa. Now an adult, Harry wants to embody the pure Santa Claus that he grew up loving. He works at a toy factory and keeps records of who’s been naughty and nice, but the spirit of Christmas isn’t what it used to be and he can’t take it. So, garbed in his jolly red suit, Harry decides that the only thing he can do is to become Santa himself and make all of the naughty townspeople pay … in blood!  An incredibly odd, hilarious and downright disturbing seasonal scare flick (with one of the most bizarre endings ever), and finally available in a beautifully-restored new edition, Christmas Evil is a sadistic holiday treat in which Taxi Driver finally meets It’s a Wonderful Life, and all the world rejoices! (Dir. by Lewis Jackson, 1980, USA, 100 min., Rated R)