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Cinematic Labyrinths


The digital revolution and interactivity changed many aspects of our lives, but how much did it affect storytelling and film? The Kissinger Twins present Cinematic Labyrinths, their interactive non-linear storytelling showcase, in which they explain the concept, talk about film and interactive media, inspirations and present their award-winning projects. From 2002’s Attitude to SXSW finalist Forget Me Not and Sufferosa, one of the biggest web-based interactive films. During the presentation, members of the audience are invited to interact with selected projects. The Kissinger Twins will close the presentation with a live cinema performance of Sufferosa and a poetic Cinematic VR film Lucidreams.

Sufferosa is an online interactive film written and directed by The Kissinger Twins. Sufferosa combines film, animation, literature, and music with the web, and is considered one of the biggest interactive films ever made. It consists of 110 scenes, 3 alternative endings, 20 locations. There are 25 actors parforming, including Beata Tyszkiewicz and Ryszard Ronczewski, legends of the Polish film industry. Thematically, the film is a neo-noir thriller and satire of the cult of beauty. The story follows detective Ivan Johnson, who is looking for a missing woman, Rosa von Braun. His investigation leads him to Professor Carlos von Braun, who works on Reujvenation treatments for women. Sufferosa is an homage to Jean-Luc Godard’s movie Alphaville and American film noir, W.J.Has’s cult-movie The Manuscript Found in Saragossa and the French writer Vernon Sullivan.

The Kissinger Twins
Dawid Marcinkowski and Katarzyna Kifert AKA The Kissinger Twins are film and interactive director duo. In their works, they mix digital technologies with film, music and literature to create new forms of storytelling. They are authors of artistic projects such as Sufferosa and Webby Award winning The Trip, but also interactive films and experiences for brands such as Expedia, Honda or Philips. Some of those projects have been awarded and presented at film and new media festivals including SXSW, Vancouver IFF, Reykjavik IFF, onedotzero or Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

Website: http://www.kissingertwins.com
Sufferosa: https://vimeo.com/223695563
Reel: http://www.kissingertwins.com/reel

This Cinematic Labyrinths presentation is supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute.