Citizen Koch


In this searing exposé on the state of American democracy and the fracturing of the Republican Party, Oscar-nominated directors Carl Deal and Tia Lessin (Trouble the Water; co-producers of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine) follow the money behind the rise of the Tea Party. In the wake of the Citizens United ruling, the film investigates the impact of unlimited, anonymous spending by corporations and billionaires on the electoral process. Alternately terrifying and funny, Citizen Koch is an essential and powerful portrait of our political times. By detailing the personal and political consequences of a broken electoral system, the film lands the issue of the influence of money in politics squarely on the kitchen table of all Americans. The film asks who really has the power in America, the wealthiest donors or the voting public? The answers call into question the very meaning of citizenship. (Dir. by Carl Dean & Tia Lessen, 2013, USA, 88 mins., Not Rated, Variance Films) Digital