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You guys, Clueless is, like, a comedy movie masterpiece of the 20th century. “As if!” you say? Yes, totally! Could this also be the best Jane Austen adaptation ever? For sure! Director Amy Heckerling adapted Austen’s classic novel Emma into a hilarious, insanely clever satire of mid-90s adolescence in Beverly Hills, and in the process unleashed a teen classic of epic proportions, spawning fashion trends, countless slang terms and the ascendance of Alicia Silverstone from Aerosmith video babe to bona fide movie star.

Clueless is a sweet, comical, satiric, knowing film, and it’s anything but clueless.” – John Puccio, Movie Metropolis

The tidy world of Cher (Silverstone)— a self-styled upper-crust high school matchmaker — and her bestie Dionne (Stacy Dash) starts to unravel with the sudden appearance of two total Baldwins: a sexy and stylish new classmate named Christian (Justin Walker), and Cher’s square but cute “ex-stepbrother” Josh (Paul Rudd). And when Cher decides that her nerdy Bronson Alcott High classmate Tai (Brittany Murphy) is in desperate need of a popularity makeover, things get even more complicated. Because whether she’s rolling with the homies or totally pausing at stop signs, Cher is about to learn what it truly means to be Clueless. (Dir. by Amy Heckerling, 1995, USA, 97 mins., Rated PG-13)