On the night a comet is passing near Earth, a casual dinner party takes an extremely odd, and possibly dangerous, turn in this exciting and cerebral sci-fi mystery. In Coherence, a group of old friends gather together for dinner at the home of hosts Lee and Mike, on the same night that Miller’s comet is supposed to pass near the Earth. Lee works for Skype while Mike is an actor, desperately trying to find new roles and hoping he didn’t peak with his appearance as a series regular on the TV series Roswell. They are joined by their friends, who are all looking forward to a night of fun, food and possible hooking-up. However, dinner is unexpectedly cut short when the lights go out across the neighborhood, leaving only one strange house with power down the street, and what starts as a simple party quickly turns into a sci-fi meltdown. A mysterious metal box is retrieved from the illuminated house, and while the group tries to decipher the meaning of the box and its contents, tensions rise and emotions become heated. And when some of the guests are dispatched to the strange house only to discover an even stranger phenomenon, things take a definite turn towards the trippy. Driven by an intelligent script incorporating strands of quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, as well as an atmosphere of ever-ratcheting tension and mystery, Coherence is a unique sci-fi drama that gives viewers plenty to think about.