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Coming Home Again

Starts STREAMING Friday, October 23 for $12

The Loft Cinema will be splitting the revenue with the film’s distributor 50/50. You can watch Coming Home Again for 72 hours after your purchase. The film may be watched on your mobile device, computer, and other streaming devices. Click here for FAQs on streaming the film.

FREE livestream Q&A with director Wayne Wang, award-winning author Chang-rae-Lee and Michelin star restaurateur Corey Lee on Saturday, October 24 at 1pm PT! Register in advance HERE.

Based on award-winning Korean-American author Chang-rae Lee’s personal essay in the The New Yorker, the latest from acclaimed director Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club; Chan is Missing) is a profoundly moving exploration of family, identity and inheritance.

“Gently explores the shared language of love between mother and son.” –Wendy Ide, Screen International

Upon learning that his mother’s cancer is advancing, Change-rae (Justin Chon), a first generation Korean-American, leaves his job in New York and returns to his family home in San Francisco to be with his parents. Struggling to contain a deluge of unruly emotions, Chang-rae busies himself with as many nursing tasks as possible, even though his mother (Jackie Chung) insists on maintaining her independence.   With New Year’s Eve approaching, Chang-rae decides to attempt to prepare a traditional holiday familial feast, preparing all the Korean dishes his mother has always cooked for the family.  Organizing the dinner brings with it memories of the times he spent in the kitchen taking in his mother’s culinary wisdom, along with memories of their arguments over questions of cultural assimilation and the difficult life choices both of them have made – and will make.   Now, Chang-rae is faced with the dilemma of living with the permanent scars of unresolved family sacrifice, or the risk of opening new wounds as his mother’s illness shadows their lives. (Dir. by Wayne Wang, 2019, USA/South Korea, in English, 86 mins., Not Rated)