After receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be a police detective, Sandra, the middle-aged manager of a ChickWich fast-food restaurant, sets into motion a series of events that will call into question the moral and ethical limits of her authority over the course of one very intense day. When Sandra calls Becky, a 19 year-old employee, into her office to discuss the charges of theft leveled by the caller, Becky vehemently denies the accusation. Using just enough facts to raise doubt, the caller insists that Sandra detain her young employee in the supply room until he is able to execute a search warrant at her home. Somewhat reluctantly, Sandra complies with the order. As the ordeal continues, the demands from the caller become increasingly invasive and unsettling; though they attempt to question his authority, the employees continue to do as they are told, even against their own best judgement. The question is … why?
Compliance leaves no line uncrossed as it tells the story, based on actual events, of one intense night in the back room of a restaurant. Exploring the boundaries of power and ethics with an unflinching eye, writer/director Craig Zobel (Great World of Sound) delivers a powerful, insightful and shocking film about the limits of authority and the relative ease with which it can be abused.