Trapped in a sexless marriage with a mind-numbingly boring family life, lesbian suburban stay-at-home mother Abby (Robin Weigert, Deadwood) feels completely empty inside, but after suffering a mild concussion at the hands of her baseball-throwing son, everything is about to change. Finally brave enough to challenge her monotonous existence, Abby impulsively hires a female prostitute, looking for a spark of sensuality. The “date” doesn’t go off without a hitch, and after confessing her misdeeds to male friend Justin (Johnathan Tchaikovsky), he suggests that she see somebody with a little more panache and experience. Enamored with this new world, Abby takes it upon herself to explore the limits of her own desires, reestablishing herself as Eleanor, a high-class escort to the lonely women of New York City. Palpable sensual yet deliciously restrained, the provocative Sundance Film Festival hit Concussion offers a keen observation of the complicated contours of midlife crisis, while also artfully delving into a world of female desire not often seen on screen. (Dir. by Stacie Passon, 2013, 96 mins., Rated R, RADiUS-TWC) Digital