Corpus Christi

Starts Friday, March 20

2020 Academy Award nominee for Best International Feature!

“It’s flawless storytelling, effortlessly played and with a rousing conclusion.” – Kevin Mahr, Times (UK)

Corpus Christi is the compelling story of twenty-year-old Daniel, who experiences a spiritual transformation while incarcerated in a youth detention center. He feels a calling to the priesthood, but his criminal record makes following his vocation impossible. When he is sent to work at a carpenter’s workshop in a small town on work-release, he is mistaken for an itinerant clergyman, a role he embraces with relish. Soon, he has accidentally taken on the local parish, but will the unconventional teachings of this young, charismatic preacher help heal the community reeling from a terrible tragedy or tear them further apart? 2020 Academy Award nominee for Best International Feature! (Dir. by Jan Komasa, 2019, Poland, in Polish with English subtitles, 115 mins., Not Rated)