Creature from the Black Lagoon Double Feature in 3D!

saturday, august 3 and sunday, august 4 at noon | GENERAL ADMISSION: $13 • LOFT MEMBERS: $10

Prepare for the ultimate experience in aquatic terror at this 3D Creature Double Feature, with the ‘50s horror classics, Creature from the Black Lagoon and the sequel Revenge of the Creature, both presented in newly-restored, eye-popping 3D! The scares will leap right off the screen and into your lap, so watch out!

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

In this classic ‘50s chiller, presented in its original 3D format, an expedition up the Amazon turns into a slimy monster mash that’s driving everyone off the deep end!

“One of the very best of the 1950’s creature features, by a long shot.” – Scott Weinberg,

A team of intrepid scientists (played by 1950’s genre vets Richard Carlson, Julie Adams and Richard Denning) set off on an excursion up the Amazon to find traces of the Missing Link and his prehistoric past. But the unprepared explorers end up getting more than they bargained for when they run afoul of the fabled “Gill Man” — a half man/half fish with a bad temper and an unhealthy fascination with the beautiful Ms. Adams. Filled with unforgettably iconic images, Creature from the Black Lagoon was the last of the classic Universal Studios creature features, spawning two Creature sequels. Featuring luminous underwater 3D photography, a killer score and great, jump-out-of-your-seat scares, Creature is still a ton of fright-filled fun. If you’ve never seen this in 3D (or even if you have), you need to make plans to swim on over to The Loft Cinema and catch the Gill Man … before he catches you! (Dir. by Jack Arnold, 1954, USA, 79 mins., Not Rated / Suitable for all ages)

Revenge of the Creature

The Gill Man is captured and transported to an “Oceanarium” theme park in Florida, and the Sunshine State is in for a heap of slimy trouble, in this thrilling sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

”A heck of a lot of fun! If you like good ‘50s sci-fi/horror monster movies, this one is definitely a keeper.” – Oh, the Horror!

Like its predecessor, this was originally shot in 3D, so once in captivity the Gill Man gets poked and prodded with lots of long poles as scientists Clete (John Agar) and Helen (Lori Nelson) try to tame him and teach him the rudiments of language. Of course, the Creature soon falls head over flippers in love with Helen, and develops a serious resentment against Clete, so it’s only a matter of time before he busts loose for a good old-fashioned rampage! The shocks and scares are balanced with some surprisingly poignant moments related to the ethics of animal captivity and experimentation, so it’s indeed a relief when the Creature gets his revenge … and it’s also a lot of fun! Featuring a hilarious cameo by a very young Clint Eastwood as one of the professor’s lab assistants, Revenge of the Creature was the only 3D sequel to a 3D film released during the “golden age of 3D” in the early 1950s. (Dir. by Jack Arnold, 1955, USA, 82 mins., Not Rated/ Suitable for all ages)