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Critical Thinking

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The Loft Cinema will be splitting the revenue with the film’s distributor 50/50. You can watch Critical Thinking for 48 hours after your purchase. The film may be watched on your mobile device, computer, and other streaming devices. Click here for FAQs on streaming the film.

“Honest and moving … an effective drama with a worthy message from director and actor John Leguizamo.” – Daniel Eagan, Film Legacy

Based on a true story, Critical Thinking, the directorial feature film debut from acclaimed actor John Leguizamo, is a gripping drama about an unconventional and inspirational teacher who pushes his students to discover themselves by mastering the art of chess. It’s 1998 in Miami. Rampant poverty, broken families, and a prejudiced system push underprivileged youth to the fringes of society. But for a magnetic group of teens, there’s a reprieve. A game where it’s not about where you come from, but how you play. That equalizer is chess. Mr. “T” Martinez (John Leguizamo), a chess militant and passionate coach, leads them to a completely foreign field of battle: The National Chess Championship. With an underfunded school district, Martinez and his team can’t just waltz into the arena. They have to fight for it. Chess runs parallel to their own experiences as Martinez teaches them that the power of Critical Thinking can not only save their kings, but also their lives. (Dir. by John Leguizamo, 2020, USA, 117 mins., Not Rated)