Critters 2: The Main Course


“They’re back for seconds!”

When a load of hungry hairballs from outer space (not to mention a couple of alien bounty hunters) take over the small town of Grover’s Bend on Easter weekend, the clueless residents are going to get a basketful of hippity hoppity horror that just might mean the end of good old planet Earth! Yes, the fuzzy hand puppets with teeth are back in Critters 2: The Main Course, the sequel to the original Critters than no one probably actually wanted, but hey, it was the ‘80s, and every bad horror movie got at least one pointless sequel (and in this case, THREE sequels). The debut feature film from director Mick Garris (Sleepwalkers), Critters 2 manages to combine comedy and horror in a supremely ridiculous way guaranteed to make you question the validity of the whole concept of “movies.” After the events of the first film, the residents of Grover’s Bend just want to peacefully celebrate their annual Easter Egg Hunt, but instead, they must once again band together to face the razor-toothed onslaught of the star-born Crites. Only now the meat-seeking spherical beasteroids have multiplied and learned some new tactics for mass ingestion. These malevolent muppets are larger and trickier than before, and though they’ve discovered the pleasures of fast food and live cattle, humans are still at the top of their grocery list. Earth’s fate lies in the hands of a melon-headed teenager, a fat ex-sheriff, a bucktoothed drunk and two shape-shifting galactic bounty hunters named Ug and Lee. As a bonus, we also get Hollywood’s ultimate ‘80s mega-nerd Eddie Deezen in the role of “Hungry Heifer Manager.” And don’t be fooled by the PG-13 rating … this installment features much heavier doses of nudity, profanity and manic, outrageous violence, including a mutilated policeman in a pink bunny suit crashing through a stained glass church window into the laps of unsuspecting children. Thanks, Easter Bunny! (Dir. by Mick Garris, 1988, USA, 86 mins., Rated PG-13) Digital