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In this blissful musical romp, filled with backstage showbiz action and that glorious Busby Berkeley razzmatazz, a group of wide-eyed stage hopefuls battle a disapproving decency group amidst a bounty of jaw-dropping, erotically-charged, pre-Code production numbers.

“The movie belongs to Berkeley and his wondrous production numbers, which are all erotic fantasies.” – Richard Brody, New Yorker

Co-directed by Ray Enright (The Spoilers) and Busby Berkeley, whose dazzlingly inventive choreography lifts the film into the realm of pure fantasy, Dames spins the tale of grumpy multi-millionaire Ezra Ounce (Hugh Herbert, Hellzapoppin’), who decides to start a campaign against “filthy” and “indecent” forms of entertainment, like Broadway musicals.   He enlists the help of his relatives and their families, making them members of his anti-fun, morality-boosting crusade.   But another relative, Jimmy (affable musical star and Busby Berkley-regular, Dick Powell), is defying Ezra by producing his own scandalous Broadway show, called Sweet and Hot, starring Ezra’s niece, Barbara (Ruby Keeler, also a Berkeley regular), and there’s going to some major fireworks when the decency league tries to put a stop to all that darned singing, dancing and indecency!    But it’s really all about the musical numbers, as Berkley unleashes one jaw-dropper after another, including a crazed subway dream sequence (I Only Have Eyes For You), a staggeringly kaleidoscopic (and highly erotic) arrangement of showgirls in black tights (Dames),  and other bravura imaginings.   Also starring Joan Blondell (who performs a hilariously strange number involving dancing underwear and flying carrots), Guy Kibbee and ZaSu Pitts, Dames is true movie musical magic!  (Dir. by Ray Enright & Busby Berkeley, 1934, USA, 91 mins., Not Rated)