David Lynch Art Show

Wednesday, September 23 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm | Followed by Mulholland Drive at 7:00pm

David Lynch famously described his debut feature film, the 1977 cult classic Eraserhead, as “a dream of dark and troubling things,” and there is no better phrase one could use to conjure up the mysterious, disturbing and oddly hilarious world of this one-of-a-kind cinematic artist. Embracing the absurd and the surreal with equal affection, Lynch’s endlessly re-watchable films are indeed “wild at heart and weird on top” – unpredictable road trips into the twisted Emerald City of the subconscious, populated by the doomed, the damned and the downright bizarre. From the Norman Rockwell on Acid kink of Blue Velvet to the Soap Opera from Hell shenanigans of Twin Peaks to the Mind-Blowing Tinseltown strangeness of Mulholland Drive, the cinema of David Lynch is like a “damn fine cup of coffee” – dark, addictive and guaranteed to keep you up at night. As part of The Loft Cinema’s September celebration of the films of David Lynch, we’re looking for YOUR personal take on everything Lynchian, and we’re now accepting submissions to our one-night-only, sure-to-be epic David Lynch Art Show. The Red Room awaits …