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Dead Man


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Jim Jarmusch’s hypnotic, visionary Western, hailed by Greil Marcus as “the best movie of the end of the 20th century,” is a haunting parable of spiritual rebirth and a radical twist on the traditional myth of the American West.

Dead Man is Jim Jarmusch’s most stunning achievement.” – Zach Campbell, Slant

Johnny Depp is mild-mannered accountant William Blake (no relation to the poet … or is there?), whose journey out west  in search of a new job soon has him fleeing for his life on an increasingly surreal adventure laced with decidedly metaphysical dimensions. Guiding Blake through a treacherous landscape of U.S. Marshals, cannibalistic bounty hunters, shady missionaries, and cross-dressing fur traders is Nobody (Gary Farmer), a Plains Indian with a dark sense of humor and the possible key to Blake’s ultimate salvation. Powered by Neil Young’s eerie, brooding electric guitar score, Robby Müller’s shimmering black and white cinematography and a stellar cast including Robert Mitchum, Crispin Glover and Iggy Pop, Dead Man is a gorgeous revisionist Western, a metaphysical dreamscape and a barbed reflection on the illusions of the American Dream. (Dir. by Jim Jarmusch, 1995, USA/Germany/Japan, in English/Cree with subtitles, 121 mins., Rated R)