Dear Mr. Watterson: An Exploration of Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin & Hobbes took center stage immediately when it appeared in newspaper comics across the country in 1985. The funny pages were a big part of popular culture, and it was hard to find a comics reader who didn’t like Calvin and Hobbes. A decade later, when Bill Watterson retired his strip on New Year’s Eve in 1995, millions of readers felt the void left by the sudden departure of Calvin and his beloved tiger, and many fans would never find a satisfactory replacement. It has now been 18 years since the end of the Calvin and Hobbes era. Bill Watterson has kept an extremely low profile during this time, living a very private life in Ohio. Despite his quiet lifestyle, he is remembered and appreciated daily by fans who still enjoy his amazing collection of work. Dear Mr. Watterson is not a quest to find Bill Watterson, or to invade his privacy. Rather, it is a thoughtful, fun and loving exploration of why his ‘simple’ comic strip made such an impact on so many readers in the 80s and 90s, and why it still means so much to the world today. (Dir. by Joel Allen Schroeder, 2013, USA, 99 mins., Not Rated, Submarine Deluxe) Digital