“Enter a prime-evil world of future shock and alien terror!”

Bigfoots and aliens and zombies, oh my! If you enjoy incomprehensible horror cheese constructed from multiple bad movies rolled into one hilariously insane package, Demonwarp is the film you’ve been waiting for! In this incredible horror/exploitation film, a group of unusually stupid teenage campers take to the woods only to end up tangling with a Bigfoot-like monster that may or may not be controlled by a nasty nest of carnivorous aliens looking to enslave the world! And by the time a few shambling, pasty-faced zombies (one of whom is decked out in a Residents concert t-shirt!) show up, all bets are off as to what the hell is actually going on, leading to much confusion, gushing gore, bouncing nudity and a general sense of WTF disbelief. Legendary character actor George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke) lends some shaky star power to the proceedings, playing a crazy old codger out to unravel the ridiculous mystery with the help of his 12 gauge shotgun, while bra-busting ‘80s Scream Queen Michelle Bauer (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) lends a heaping helping of mammary muscle to the increasingly ludicrous storyline. Directed with misguided gusto by B-movie vet Emmett Alston (New Year’s Evil) and co-starring ‘80s teen star Billy Jacoby (Just One of the Guys) as a wisecracking punk just begging to get decapitated, Demonwarp truly tests the limits of cinema’s vast potential … or something. (Dir. by Emmett Alston, 1988, USA, 91 mins., Rated R) Digital