30th Anniversary Screening!

Do the Right Thing – New Digital Restoration

sunday, june 30 at 2:00pm | regular admission prices

See Spike Lee’s Oscar-nominated classic, Do the Right Thing, on the big screen on the same day it was released to theatres in 1989!

“Comes closer to reflecting the current state of race relations in America than any other movie of our time.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Spike Lee’s incendiary, groundbreaking look at race relations in America is a colorful, exuberant and finally devastating modern masterpiece – quite possibly the best film ever made about race in America, revealing racial prejudices and stereotypes in all their guises and demonstrating how a deadly riot can erupt out of a series of small misunderstandings.  Set on one block in Bedford-Stuyvesant on the hottest day of the summer, the movie shows the whole spectrum of life in this neighborhood and then leaves it up to us to decide if, in the end, anybody actually does the “right thing.” Featuring Danny Aiello as Sal, the pizza parlor owner; Lee himself as Mookie, the lazy pizza-delivery guy; John Turturro and Richard Edson as Sal’s sons; Lee’s sister Joie as Mookie’s sister Jade; Rosie Perez as Mookie’s girlfriend Tina; Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee as the block elders, Da Mayor and Mother Sister; Giancarlo Esposito as Mookie’s hot-headed friend Buggin’ Out; Bill Nunn as the boom-box toting Radio Raheem; and Samuel L. Jackson as deejay Mister Señor Love Daddy. (Dir. by Spike Lee, 1989, 120 mins., Rated R)