Double Trouble starring the Barbarian Brothers


“Twin Brothers. One’s a Good Cop. The Other’s Bad News.”
Double your pleasure and double your fun (not to mention your tolerance for ridiculous action movies starring twin bodybuilders) with Double Trouble, the movie that proves when it comes to mondo junk, TWO lunks are definitely better than one! This unbelievable “alleged” action/comedy features identical twin bodybuilding brothers David and Peter Paul, aka The Barbarian Brothers, in a “what were they thinking?” tale of two musclebound twins – one a dumb cop and one a dumb criminal – who, through a series of circumstances too brain-numbing to recount, end up working together to smash a nefarious diamond smuggling ring … if they don’t kill each other first! Racing through every ridiculous adventure ready to rock in their ripped-at-the-knees acid washed jeans, belly-baring half shirts and perfectly-puffed power mullets, the brothers end up crossing paths with a bewildering array of B-list celebrities, including Roddy McDowall, David Carradine, Troy Donahue, Billy Mumy (the all-grown-up kid from Lost in Space) and James Doohan (Star Trek’s cranky engineer Scotty)! What everyone is doing is a bit unclear, and the script certainly isn’t going to help shed any light on the confusion, so it’s best to just sit back and let the stupidity soak in to every cranial crevice. Thrill to the sight of The Barbarian Brothers clobbering/murdering a poor extra with a satellite TV dish hurled from the roof of a high-rise apartment building! Gaze in awe as a Barbarian Brother bench presses a spandex-clad bimbo as a prelude to nookie! Feel the tightening of your abdominal muscles as you laugh yourself silly while the brothers woodenly deliver witty banter that probably sounded dated in the prehistoric era! One of the best/worst starring vehicles for the world’s greatest (only?) twin bodybuilding action/comedy duos (whose filmography also includes the classics Think Big and The Barbarians), Double Trouble really deliver the bad movie heat in ways the Olsen Twins could only dream of! (Dir. by John Paragon, 1992, USA, 86 mins., Rated R) Digital