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El Alambrista: La Venganza


In this exciting new sequel to El Alambrista: The Fence Jumper, we rejoin our hero in El Alambrista: La Venganza, as he uncovers a terrifying plot to exploit migrant workers trying to cross into America in search of a new life. A tough new vigilante force, Roy Willcox, played by WWE superstar and 2014 Hall of Fame Wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts, is terrorizing migrant workers trying to cross the border. Willcox’s mistreatment of the migrants along the US-Mexico border brings him face-to-mask with El Alambrista, “The People’s Luchador.”

With wrestling legend Jake “the Snake” Roberts and director Alfonso Sahagun Casaus in person!

But while trying to help the migrants being targeted by Willcox, our hero uncovers a terrifying plot to exploit the already-forgotten border crossers. An evil lurks in the hidden canyons and concealed migrant trails of the border lands – Dr. Deralius, a man seeking revenge upon the migrant workers for a horrible accident that left him paralyzed. El Alambrista uncovers this sinister plot, and a laboratory of unspeakable horrors hidden in the desert. El Alambrista with the help from the beautiful Dr. Palacious and his side kick “Blutes” must take on these new forces, while also fighting foes from his own past, on the hunt for revenge. Will El Alambrista survive his reckoning? Can he save the migrants who have been forgotten by those on both sides of the border? (Dir. by Alfonso Sahagun Casaus, 2014, USA, 90 mins., Not Rated)