Everything is Terrible! presents Comic Relief Zero! & Everything is Terrible! Does the Hip-Hop! Live! 2013


So, what’s the deal with Comic Relief Zero!? Sit down and shut up, so we can tell you! But seriously folks, sit down and shut up, because those dumb-faced, giggle-grabbin’ goof-troupers at EIT! are dishing out a stand-up comedy special! This special is the opposite of special; featuring today’s hottest ventriloquists, racists, prop comics, sexists, impersonators, homophobes, and talk show hosts in their hate-filled prime! Are you oppressed and underrepresented in society? Well then, watch out! Let’s pull back the banana peel and take a head-first descent into the brick wall of our own mind! Take my life… please! Wicka-wicka-what, you want more?! OK, 2 prove they’re still ‘with it’ and ‘urban,’ EIT! took the entire history of co-opted cool, and bashed it together into one continuous mix that will please your earballs and eyelobes. Can we B real 4 a sec? Everyone knows rap music is best when performed by whyte people promoting reasonably-priced hammed-burgers. This is the REAL birth of hip-hop! You know, kids rappin’ ’bout stamps, and claymation doughboys spittin’ crescent roll rhymes! After EIT! Does The Hip-Hop!, you’ll never listen to music again! For various reasons! …And it don’t stop! Word!

Everything Is Terrible! is ashamed to bring you, Comic Relief Zero! and EIT! Does The Hip-Hop! The fur-covered, glitter-smothered gang from EIT! will bring all the costumed merriment that has made EIT! live shows (in)famous! Outrageously funny! Totally clean! (Total running time: Approximately 90 mins.) Digital