Evil Dead 2


Writer/director Sam Raimi’s extremely stylized, blood-drenched follow-up to his horror classic Evil Dead isn’t really a sequel; rather, it’s a remake on a better budget.

“This gaudily gory, virtuoso, hyper-kinetic horror sequel/remake uses every trick in the cinematic book, and confirms that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are gods.” – Empire Magazine

It also isn’t really a horror film (although rest assured, there are plenty of decapitations, zombies, supernatural demons and buckets of gooey gore) as much as it is a hilarious slapstick send-up of the zombie genre. Raimi takes every horror movie convention there is, knocks it on its keister and exaggerates it with mind-blowing special effects, then injects a healthy dose of wild Three Stooges humor. The plot alone is a genre cliché right out of any number of B-horror movies. Several twenty-somethings (including our hero, Ash, played by the great Bruce Campbell in a manic tour-de-force of physical comedy) visit a broken-down cabin in the woods and find a skin-covered copy of the Book of the Dead, which naturally unleashes hellish supernatural powers that gut, cut and slash every character in sight. All, that is, except Ash, who takes this massacre very personally and spends the rest of the of the film getting his head smashed in while battling the unseen forces. Featuring dazzling special effects and eye-popping visuals (including some of the most spectacular point-of-view Steadicam work ever), Raimi’s crazed creature feature is one of the greatest cult horror flicks of all-time! (Dir. by Sam Raimi, 1987, USA, 84 min., Rated R)