Evil Toons


“First they undress you … then they possess you.”

What happens when you mix naked, IQ-deficient sorority girls, a slobbering cartoon demon modeled on the Tasmanian Devil and David “Please Give Me My Paycheck” Carradine as a stoned cowboy magician? Naturally, you get the ridiculous soft-core Roger Rabbit rip-off known as Evil Toons! Don’t say you weren’t warned. Directed with minimum attention to logic and maximum (as in Double D) attention to jiggle by B-movie maestro Fred Olen Ray (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers), Evil Toons tells the wholesome tale of four sexy (and frequently undressed) coeds who, for reasons not entirely clear, decide to take on a weekend job cleaning an old haunted house. But wait! Just when it seems like this will be a run-of-the-mill weekend filled with mop buckets, scrub brushes and bikini underpants, supernatural shenanigans begin to transpire, and it appears that the ghost of a previous tenant (a somewhat dazed David Carradine, dressed like a hippie cowboy) needs the girls’ help ridding himself of a murderous cartoon monster that has escaped from an ancient, flesh-bound book of magic. Somehow, all that giggling, jiggling and wiggling has awakened this leering, lecherous animated demon (who looks like a jacked-up hybrid of Robert Williams’ famed Rat Fink drawings and the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes cartoons) who is just itching to do all manner of unspeakable things to our hapless heroines. Before you know it, the girls are up to their sports bras in danger, and they’ve not only got to figure out a way to survive the weekend, but also think up new and innovative ways to lose what little remaining clothing they have. A very low-budget attempt to combine the surefire appeal of Roger Rabbit, The Evil Dead and an episode of TV’s The Facts of Life with the timeless appeal of naked screaming women (whose ranks here include such soft and hardcore movie Skin Queens as Michelle Bauer, Monique Gabrielle and Madison Stone), Evil Toons is pure processed movie cheese – tasty, but sure to give you indigestion. (Dir. by Fred Olen Ray, 1992, USA, 86 mins., Rated R) Digital