Evils of the Night

monday, december 16 at 8:00pm | GENERAL ADMISSION: $4 • LOFT MEMBERS: $3

Mondo Mondays bows down to B-Movie royalty JOHN CARRADINE with a heaping helping of some of his wackiest, most “Mondo-iffic” movies!

“Alien vampires in search of TEENAGE BLOOD!” It’s geriatric aliens vs. sex obsessed teenagers – and the audience is the winner! – in the highly trashy, deliriously dumb ‘80s sci-fi/horror flick, Evils of the Night!

“Insanely stupid but never dull. If you have a sense of humor and a love for science fiction classics, ‘80s horror and gratuitous sex scenes, give it a try.” – Scared Stiff Reviews

Beautiful thirty-something women pretending to be teenagers have been disappearing from sexy camping excursions in the woods, and no one seems to be able to figure out what’s happening (the incoherent script seems to offer no help).  But in the darkness, sinister forces are lurking:  a group of silver jumpsuit-clad extraterrestrials, played by one of the strangest trios in movie history – horror film legend John Carradine, Tina Louise (“Ginger” from Gilligan’s Island), and Julie Newmar (“Catwoman” from the ‘60s Batman TV show) – have set up shop in the middle of nowhere and have been draining the local youth of their blood so that they can live forever!  Filled with WAY too much sex and nudity (which is understandable when porn film veterans like Amber Lynn, Crystal Breeze and Jerry Butler appear in your film), splattery gore, cheesy laser effects, and a supporting cast including B-movie staples Aldo Ray (Hollywood Cop) and Neville Brand (Eaten Alive) as masked goons, Evils of the Night is a not-at-all-competent, but undeniably-entertaining, slice of deep-dish ‘80s sleaze served up hot and trashy. (Dir. by Marti Rustam, 1985, USA, 84 mins., Rated R)