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Switch on and power up for HI-TECH HORROR MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring terrifically trashy tales of technology gone wrong … so very wrong!

“Remember the little kid you used to pick on? Well, he’s a big boy now!” Clint Howard’s got a home computer and a direct dial-up to Satan, and the bullies at his school are going straight to hell in this goofy-n-gory ‘80s horror flick that’s 100% Devil-approved! Life really sucks for Stanley Coppersmith (the great Clint Howard), a teen outcast who’s bullied by literally everyone at a strict military academy. When Stanly discovers the crypt of a 16th century Satanist hidden beneath the academy chapel, he uses his Tandy home computer to create a Black Mass that unleashes unholy revenge upon his tormentors, and all hell is about to break loose! Things really heat up as possessed, flesh-eating pigs attack naked girls in the shower, deadly laser beams light up the sky, and Stanley becomes a levitating decapitation machine, flying through the hallways chopping off heads with reckless abandon thanks to his fiery satanic sword. Co-starring Richard Moll (Night Court) as a really tall Satanist with a radio DJ’s voice, Evilspeak features an avalanche of bloody carnage that originally garnered the film an X rating, and contains what is perhaps the quintessential freaky Clint Howard performance. (Dir. by Eric Weston, 1981, USA, 91mins., Rated R)

1 HR 33 MIN | R

Released 1981
Evilspeak Trailer Trailer
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