Camp alert! Mondo Mondays is paying homage to the one-and-only PIA ZADORA, and it’s gonna be absolutely “zadorable!”

“In Las Vegas, beating the odds has always been tough – now it’s murder!” What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless it gets turned into a wacky action thriller starring Pia Zadora as a sultry nightclub singer hiding out in the Riviera Hotel with Telly Savalas while nasty mobsters try to put her on ice and prevent her from enjoying the casinos’ all-you-can-eat shrimp cocktails!

“Hey, let’s put Kojak and Pia Zadora together in a Vegas spy thriller.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Wrong!  Hilariously awful.” – In the 80s

In Fake-Out (aka Nevada Heat), Pia cuts loose as Bobbie Warren, a perky Vegas lounge singer who enjoys wearing sparkly Bob Mackie outfits and belting out turgid disco tunes for bored gamblers. When Bobbie refuses to testify against her mobster boyfriend, she’s shipped off to women’s prison, where she become Miss Popularity by starting an aerobics class for the inmates, but must also face a lot of “unwanted attention” in the communal shower. Cut to Bobbie agreeing to testify in order to stay out of prison, but until the trial happens, she’s got to hide away from murderous mobsters in the fabulous Riviera Hotel, under the watchful eye of two weird cops played by Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Kojak-himself, Telly Savalas. Cue the shoot-outs, lovemaking, gambling tutorials, vicious female assassins, car chases through the middle of a crowded casino, and loads of hilarious Pia histrionics and bubble bath scenes. Financed by Pia’s wealthy real-life hubbie (who also just so happened to own the Riviera Hotel at the time, making the whole movie seem like a bizarre promotional video for the ritzy resort, even though multitudes of terrible things are happening on every floor at all times), Fake-Out rolls the bad movie dice and comes up a winner! (Dir. Matt Cimber, 1982, USA, 96 mins., Rated R)