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This June, The Loft Cinema celebrates the release of offbeat auteur Wes Anderson’s latest cinematic confection, Asteroid City (opening at The Loft Cinema for a regular engagement starting on Thursday, June 22), with a delicious collection of some of his greatest, funniest, most Wes Anderson-ish films, back on the big screen where they belong!  Whether you’re seeing them for the 1st or the 101st time, it’s always the right time for The Films of Wes Anderson at The Loft Cinema!

Based on Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel, Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is a hilarious and heartwarming stop-motion animated adventure about a clever, quick and exceptionally well-dressed fox with a hunger for adventure. The clever and tricky Mr. Fox, who lives underground with his family, attempts one last raid before putting his wild days behind him and becoming a responsible Fox father. This one last hoorah may be the riskiest one of all, as the three most ruthless farmers called the Walter Boggies go after Mr Fox and his family. This is a tale of a father crossing family boundaries by setting out on risky adventures and learning about the realities of his fellow animal neighbors. Mr. Fox joins forces with his neighboring animals to take down the nastiest famers in town, all while trying to be a good husband, father, and fellow animal. (Dir. Wes Anderson, 2009, USA, 87 mins, Rated PG)

1 HR 27 MIN | PG

Released 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer Trailer
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