Fatal Games


“Someone is stopping the nation’s top athletes dead in their tracks!”

When a mysterious killer decides to use our country’s top Olympic hopefuls for javelin target practice, survival becomes the ultimate sport in this gold medal-worthy piece of ’80s slasher crud, a hot mess mixture of bare boobs, gushing gore and titillating track-and-field action. As the hard-rockin’, synth-fartin’ theme song to Fatal Games (aka Olympic Nightmare) tells us, you’ve gotta “Take it all the way, and take it to the limit,” which this brain-dead excursion into ultimate terror definitely does (or at least tries to do).
A motley group of random Olympic hopefuls are sent away to a private facility where they can train for a competition called “The Nationals,” which never actually happens. Instead, a fashionable killer in shiny black workout pants skewers the homely kids with a very large Javelin pole. In the pool. In the weight room. In the sauna. A guy in a leg cast and crutches is chased through the hallway for what seems like an eternity, in one of the most unintentionally stupid chases scenes ever filmed. And for some reason, everybody wants to know what happened to poor Nancy! The suspects are many … could it be the steroid-obsessed mad doctor? Or perhaps his uncomfortably sympathetic nurse (played by Oscar-nominee Sally Kirlkand!)? Or maybe it’s the lesbian track coach who seems to take an unhealthy interest in her female students? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, except that it all leads to a totally bonkers climax with a “shocking reveal” that manages to be both offensive and completely unexpected, if only because no one bothered to try and have it make a lick of sense. Rounding out the excitement are some really lame motivational speeches, a food fight in which a naked hot dog falls into a girl’s lap, lots of gratuitous showering and a distressingly saggy pair of tighty whities that will haunt your dreams. This one will really give you the eye of the tiger … if you’re not too busy takin’ it to the limit.