Fatal Games

Fatal Games


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Feel the burn during FREAKY FITNESS MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a pumped up collection of hilariously health-obsessed horror flicks filled to the max with unhealthy cheesiness!

“Is winning worth killing for?”  When a mysterious killer decides to use our country’s top Olympic hopefuls for javelin target practice, survival becomes the ultimate sport in this hilariously trashy, gold medal-worthy slab of ‘80s stalk-and-slash junk that mixes bare flesh, gushing gore and titillating track-and-field action! In Fatal Games (aka Olympic Nightmare), the young athletes of Falcon Academy are training hard to earn their place in the nationals. But when these burgeoning sports stars start disappearing one after the other, Dr. Jordine and his team – who’ve started plying their athletes with new and untested performance-enhancing drugs – are baffled. Little do they realize that a javelin-wielding, tracksuit-wearing maniac with a strong throwing arm and a deadly grudge against athletic excellence is on the prowl, picking off the athletes, one bloody sweatband at a time. Fiendish fright strikes everywhere, especially in the hot tubs and saunas, and none of these track stars are fast enough to outrun the murderer’s relay race into terror.  Can the athletes unmask the killer before they’re all disqualified … for good? As the movie’s hard-rockin’, synth-fartin’ theme song tells us, you’ve gotta “Take it all the way, and take it to the limit,” and if that’s not a recipe for terror, nothing is!  (Dir. by Michael Elliot, 1984, USA, 88 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 28 MIN | R

Released 1984
Fatal Games Trailer Trailer
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