Fateful Findings


David Lynch meets Tommy Wiseau’s The Room in director/writer/star Neil Breen’s jaw-dropping mash-up of relationship drama and paranormal-political thriller – a genre-defying outsider production that just may be the next WTF? cult classic. In Fateful Findings, a mild-mannered computer programmer is struck by a Rolls Royce which mysteriously gives him supernatural powers, ultimately driving him to expose shocking government secrets and corporate misdeeds, all while his relationship with his pill-popping girlfriend crumbles under the strain. Hypnotically bizarre and inadvertently hilarious, Fateful Findings plays out like a cinematic run-on sentence, rushing headlong from one absurd situation to the next, fueled by completely insane actions and reactions, outrageous scenes of violence, deadpan dialogue from socially inept characters and ghostly special effects reminiscent of the early ’90s children’s show Ghostwriter. Utterly unclassifiable, this low-budget, genre-jumping cinematic tsunami must truly be seen to be (dis)believed. (Dir. by Neil Breen, 2013, USA, 100 mins., Not Rated, Panorama Entertainment) Digital