Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil


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It’s getting hotter than hell during MY SUMMER WITH SATAN Month at Mondo Mondays, featuring a devilishly delightful line-up of demonic trash guaranteed to make your head spin!

“Meet Andrew. The road to hell is paved with his victims!”  High school can be hell, but it can REALLY suck when you’re a teenage Antichrist, everyone hates you AND your destiny is to bring about the apocalypse during finals week. In the delightfully strange 1981 demonic teen horror flick Fear No Evil (aka Lucifer), Andrew (Stefan Arngrim, Land of the Giants) is a shy, bullied, self-loathing outcast who discovers on his 18th birthday that he is the new incarnation of Satan and now has at his disposal all the Unholy Powers of Darkness.   This is good news for the angry Andrew, and very bad news for his nasty classmates, whose collective habit of treating Andrew like a bag of garbage is about to send them all to Hades. But three archangels (one in the form of a teen girl with supermodel features) will try to stop Andrew (whose full-on embrace of his newly devilish identity results in a stylish wardrobe of camped-out Rocky Horror-esque costumes) from bringing about the end of the world with all the bad movie energy they can muster. One of the most off-kilter nerd revenge satanic fantasy horror flicks ever, Fear No Evil gives us death by dodge ball, cavorting corpses, homoerotic locker room terror, gratuitous stigmata, hellfire lasers, burning bibles, religious mumbo jumbo and a killer punk rock soundtrack featuring The Ramones, Richard Hell and The Sex Pistols! (Dir. by Frank LaLoggia, 1981, USA, 99 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 39 MIN | R

Released 1981
Fear No Evil Trailer Trailer
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