Film Fatales Shorts


Film Fatales, WOSAC, and The Loft Cinema present a very special evening celebrating the work of female filmmakers!

Film Fatales Shorts will feature an exciting selection of short films made by acclaimed female directors followed by a provocative post-film discussion about the Film Fatales project and the role of women in the film industry. Award-winning filmmaker and Tucson native Brooke Sebold will appear in person with her short film, The Last Cigarette, and we’ll be joined by guest panelist Lisanne Skyler, filmmaker/ Associate Professor of The School of Theatre, Film and Television at The University of Arizona!


The Last Cigarette (filmmaker in person!), Brooke Sebold – When a teenage runaway is confronted by her father on her smoke break, she gives him the length of a cigarette to convince her to come home. Meanwhile, she has a secret of her own.

Olive & Mocha Playing House, Suzi Yoonessi – Olive learns all about the birds and the bees when Mocha shows her how the middle school girls play with dolls. But their friendship is tested when Olive’s moral code forces the dolls to do the right thing and get married.

Three Women Wait For Death, Isabelle Sieb – Miranda and her daughters, Hester and Rose, are crammed in a rotting little caravan to be near their Gramps in his final days. They love him but his care bills are mounting and when they discover that he’s hidden his savings.. they could bloody kill him.

Behind The Wall, Bat-Sheva Guez – Katrin has fled her old life to move into a dilapidated apartment in Brooklyn. She lies awake at night, listening to the sounds of the building. The floorboards creak, the radiator groans, and behind that is another, far stranger sound.

Love Comes Later, Sonejuhl Sinha – An unexpected discovery forces an undocumented motel employee to make a life changing decision.

Everything All At Once, Eleanor Wilson – A young woman rides the train alone with a head full of problems, recalling a suffocating car ride with her mother, aunt, and grandmother. She begrudgingly navigates their feelings and memories as they try to identify the incessant beep coming from somewhere in the car.

Bunny New Girl, Natalie Van Den Dungen – On her first day at a new school, a self conscious young girl learns that friendship can overcome difference.

Film Fatales is a network of women filmmakers who meet regularly to mentor each other, share resources, collaborate on projects and build a supportive community in which to make their films. The organization was founded by Leah Meyerhoff in New York City in 2013 and has since inspired dozens of sister groups around the world. Every month, hundreds of women directors meet in local groups to share a meal, update each other on their projects, and engage in a moderated discussion about relevant topics in film. In an industry where less than 5% of the top box office films are directed by women, Film Fatales provides a structure for women directors to support each other, share resources, and help get their films made and seen. In addition to the monthly meetings, Film Fatales supports a number of other collaborative programs including: panel discussions, industry recommendations, educational workshops, and numerous other special events.  For more information on Film Fatales, please visit:

Brooke Sebold  is a independent filmmaker based in LA. Her directing and editing work can be seen on NBC, PBS, the Sundance Channel, Logo, CurrentTV, Adult Swim, and others. Brooke’s feature documentary, Red Without Blue, screened at 200+ festivals, universities, and museums around the world receiving dozens of awards, including the Audience Award at Slamdance, and the Jury Award at Frameline. Her narrative shorts have also received a number of honors including the Special Jury Award at the Florida Film Festival, the Cine Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in Directing, and others.

In addition, Brooke worked as a professional editor for over a decade, cutting indies, docs, shorts, TV segments etc. Two of the short films she edited (Hatch, Crossing) placed in the Student Academy Awards and received NBR’s Student Grant Award. Another, First Match, received the Best Editor Award from the Columbia University Film Festival, and inclusion in the Sundance Labs for the feature. Finally, one of the TV segments Brooke cut for Current TV was nominated for an Emmy in 2008.

In 2010, Brooke participated in the Berlin Talent Campus and the Berlin Co-Production Market with Gone, June, written by long-time collaborator Matthew Tyler. Barden/Schnee is casting, with Gersh packaging. In 2014, Brooke participated in the IFP Market with her project, Overlap. Susan Stover (High Art, Laurel Canyon, Welcome to the Dollhouse) is attached to produce, with casting by Eyde Belasco (Half Nelson, 500 Days of Summer, Transparent). Brooke received her BA from Brown University (2003) and her MFA with honors from Columbia University’s Film Program (2012). She began the LA Chapter of the Film Fatales, and continues to serve as co-chapter leader.

Lisanne Skyler’s films include the critically acclaimed Joyce Carol Oates adaptation Getting to Know You (1999 Sundance Film Festival; Venice Film Festival); the documentaries Oldtimers (1993 Cinéma du Réel; San Francisco International Film Festival, Golden Gate Award), No Loans Today (1995 Sundance Film Festival; POV/PBS broadcast), and Dreamland (2000 POV/PBS broadcast); and the short fiction film Capture the Flag (2010 Hamptons International Film Festival; Nantucket Film Festival, Showtime Tony Cox Award).

No Loans Today was recently rereleased on Amazon, iTunes and other VOD platoforms through the Sundance Institute’s Artist Services program, inspiring Skyler’s recent TEDX talk on making films for the digital age.

Skyler recently completed for HBO Documentary Films Brillo Box (3 ¢ OFF), a personal documentary following an iconic Andy Warhol sculpture as it makes its way from her family’s living room in the sixties to a 2010 Christie’s auction. Brillo Box (3 ¢ OFF) was selected for Aspen Shortsfest and will air on HBO.