Food Patriots / Special Preview Screening


Touched by their teenage son’s battle with a foodborne superbug, filmmakers Jeff and Jennifer Spitz document their family’s struggle to raise backyard chickens, grow food, and transform into Food Patriots. The inspiring and humorous new documentary Food Patriots features people from all walks of life who are trying to change the way Americans eat and buy food, and educate the next generation of consumers. In Food Patriots, filmmaker Jeff Spitz (The Return of Navajo Boy) follows his own family into a new American food revolution. Reluctant to help his wife Jennifer as she breaks ground for her backyard vegetable garden, Jeff confesses his utter lack of interest in growing food or doing yard work. His two sons mock him for not helping. He chronicles their mother’s gritty attempt to raise chickens – illegally. When a neighbor’s dog attacks the four hens, the Spitzes find themselves embroiled in a political debate about food and community. Seeking inspiration and answers, Jeff and Jennifer travel far beyond their own backyard, giving voice to remarkable people who are changing the way they eat and buy food and educate the next generation of consumers. (Dir. by Jeff Spitz, 2014, USA, 72 mins., Not Rated, Groundswell) Digital