Found Footage Festival: Volume 9

saturday, february  29 at 7:30pm | GENERAL ADMISSION: $15 • LOFT MEMBERS: $13

Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (The Colbert Report) return to The Loft Cinema with an all-new show! Join the Found Footage gurus for a hilarious live guided tour through their latest VHS finds, including the 1987 Miss Junior America Wisconsin pageant, a mysterious tape labeled “bonion sergery,” home movies taken at an Ontario hose factory, and a fitness video called Skiercise.   Prepare for an epic explosion of live comedy and video insanity you’ll never forget, no matter how hard you try!

“Hysterical and brilliant!” – Time Out

The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind event showcasing VHS relics salvaged from thrift stores, garage sales and garbage cans across the country.  Curators/hosts Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (The Colbert Report) take audiences on a guided tour of their latest and greatest VHS finds, providing live commentary and where-are-they-now updates on the people in these video obscurities.  From the curiously-produced industrial training video to the forsaken home movie donated to Goodwill, the Found Footage Festival resurrects these forgotten treasures and serves them up in a lively celebration of all things found.

(Total running time: 90 mins., Rated R)