Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown


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Take cover, because it’s WOMEN OF ACTION Month at Mondo Mondays, featuring badass B-movies filled with femme-fueled fury that will really knock you out!

“Don’t mess around with Foxy Brown … she’s the meanest chick in town!” When Pam Grier goes undercover to clobber the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend, things are going to get real foxy, real fast, and the criminal underworld is going to find out that this ferocious female wrecking ball is indeed “a whole lot of woman!” Can you dig it? In the ‘70s action classic Foxy Brown, the great Grier plays the tough-as-nails Foxy, whose boyfriend happens to be an undercover government agent with the power to make her feel like a natural woman. But when lover boy is rubbed out by a stone cold evil drug cartel, Foxy decides to stop acting like a lady and open a bag of butt-stomping badness on all those who’ve done her wrong, igniting a B-movie war that takes her from the city streets to the barren desert to an out-of-control airplane! Naturally, Foxy must also disguise herself as a call girl into order to get the goods on the goons, affording Grier the opportunity to unleash an arsenal of slinky ‘70s fashions that are truly out of sight. Fast, funky and fun, and driven by a thrilling performance from Grier that established her as THE female action star of the decade, Foxy Brown (directed by frequent Grier collaborator Jack Hill, who also helmed Coffy and The Big Bird Cage) is filled with memorable moments (including a still-shocking finale in which Foxy takes her ultimate revenge in a most unexpected way) and a wild “anything goes” attitude that perfectly matches its super bad heroine. Co-starring Antonio Fargas and Sid Haig. (Dir. by Jack Hill, 1974, USA, 94 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 34 MIN | R

Released 1974
Foxy Brown Trailer Trailer
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