Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster


Calling all villagers with pitchforks! It’s DUMB FRANKENSTEIN MONTH at Mondo Mondays, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelly’s literary creation with a re-animated array of fun-loving Frankie Flicks you’ll just be dying to see!

“Warning! Beware Their Stare!” An American astronaut named Frank (who also happens to be an android) becomes a hideous burnt-face monster thanks to some gratuitous outer space laser-blasting by Martians who want to invade Earth in order to kidnap bikini-clad dancing women for the purpose of re-populating their dying planet, which somehow leads to an epic battle in Puerto Rico between the ray gun-toting Frank and a hairy space monster wearing a rubber devil mask. Or something.

“Quintessentially cheesy … an undisputed gem of sleazery … a truly enjoyable bad movie one can enjoy to the fullest.” – Bad Movie Report

An astoundingly messy combination of Frankenstein, Beach Blanket Bingo and Plan 9 From Outer Space (but even less coherent than that sounds), Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster features a slew of unforgettable characters, including the glamorous and cranky Martian Princess Marcuzan (who looks like a 1950’s flight attendant on acid, sporting a stylish sequined Kleenex box on her head), her snarky, bat-eared assistant Dr. Nadir (Lou Cutell, who later went on to appear in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure), and some of the dopiest monsters to ever grace a terrible movie. Throw in lots of big beehive hairdo’s, gratuitous Cold War stock footage and some catchy ‘60s tunes, and you’ve really got yourself a bad movie party! (Dir. by Robert Gaffney, 1965, USA, 79 mins., Not Rated)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

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