The big top goes bananas during PSYCHO CIRCUS MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring more creepy clowns and fabulous freaks than even the Ringling Brothers could handle!

“Butt ugly. But funny.” Randy Quaid is starting his own freakshow, but he’s not just collecting freaks – he’s creating them! – in this bizarre, tasteless and totally insane ‘90s comedy featuring Mr. T and Keanu Reeves!

“One of the funniest and weirdest unknown movies to make its way out of the ‘90s.” – 366 Weird Movies

In the delirious Freaked, a sleazy multinational corporation hires a spoiled-rotten former child star named Ricky Coogin (the film’s co-writer/director Alex Winter, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) to be the spokesman for a toxic biochemical fertilizer called “Zygrot 27.” When Ricky goes down to the third world country where the toxin is used, he – along with his “bro-tastic” best friend and a sassy anti-corporate activist (Megan Ward, Joe’s Apartment) – get sidetracked to a freakshow presented by the flamboyant Elijah C. Skuggs (the flamboyant Randy Quaid). But Skuggs doesn’t just display freaks, he creates them by dousing unsuspecting tourists with the nasty Zygrot 27, and Ricky is going to be his masterpiece. Before you can say “Gooble, Gobble, We Accept You, One of Us,” Ricky is turned into a hideous, slobbering mutant and forced to join Skuggs’ freaky cavalcade, which also includes Bobcat Goldthwait as “Sockhead,” Mr. T as “The Bearded Lady,” and an uncredited Keanu Reeves as “Ortiz the Dog Boy.” Can Ricky and his new pals find a way to escape Skuggs’ greasy clutches and re-enter mainstream society? Maybe or maybe not, but by the time a pair of bloodshot, gun-toting, walking Rastafarian eyeballs appears, you know things are really going off the rails, in the best possible way. (Dir. by Tom Stern & Alex Winter, 1993, USA, 80mins., Rated PG-13)