Free Talk by Dr. Mark Pirtle


Presented by Skillfully Aware.

The world is made of stories. Everyone “authors” a self-story in his or her head. That story is your perspective. Distorted stories can and do lead to stress. Stress intensifies emotions and disrupts relationships. It can even make you sick.

If you’re tired of the struggle and desperate for relief, come to a free talk given by Dr. Mark Farris Pirtle—teacher, speaker, writer, and filmmaker. In his 50-minute lecture, Dr. Pirtle will teach you about three perspectives—concrete, subtle, and meta-aware. Concrete perspectives cause suffering, while more subtle and meta-aware perspectives bring relief. Dr. Pirtle will teach you how to shift into a higher perspective. When you do, your perspective on life will instantly improve.

Join Dr. Pirtle for both his free talks on March 25th and April 8th, and for his documentary Is Your Story Making You Sick? on April 7th. Seating is limited.

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