35mm prints!

Friday the 13th Double Feature


Hang out with the kids at Camp Crystal Lake and have a bloody good time at the Friday the 13th Double Feature, with back-to-back 35mm screenings of the original 1980 slasher classic, Friday the 13th (the unrated UK version!), and the terrifying 1981 sequel, Friday the 13th Part II! Enter to win free Friday the 13th prizes, and maybe you’ll get lucky on the unluckiest day of the year! Free small popcorn for anyone named Jason or Alice (ID required).   Don’t lose your head (or any other body parts) this Friday the 13th – just indulge your inner Voorhees and join us for the Friday the 13th Double Feature!

Friday the 13th / Unrated UK Cut!

“A landmark horror film … a near perfect slasher that set the pace for an entire genre … bloody, suspenseful and fun.” – Oh, the Horror

The one that started it all, the original “Spam in a Cabin” slasher classic that sent a group of horny teens (including Kevin Bacon!) into the woods where they could be sliced, diced and chopped by a mysterious maniac on the unluckiest day of the year!  A summer camp massacre that lit the fuse on one of the longest-running horror franchises in movie history, this is the extra-gruesome, extra-gooey unrated UK version not seen in US theatres! Featuring Betsy Palmer as the insanely unhinged Mrs. Voorhees and Adrienne King as Alice, the series’ original Final Girl.
(Dir. by Sean S. Cunningham, 1980, USA, 95mins., Unrated)

Friday the 13th Part II

“A surprisingly good slasher flick, this is the last Friday the 13th film that actually makes an effort to scare its audience.” – Juicy Cerebellum

Following the massacre in the original film, a new group of horny counselors ignore logic and gather at Camp Crystal Lake to smoke dope, have unprotected sex and lose their heads as crazed killer Jason Voorhees picks up where his murderous mom left off (sporting a one-eye-hole potato sack rather than his iconic hockey mask, which wouldn’t pop up until Part III) in this gruesome sequel that set the tone for every slasher flick that followed. Featuring Amy Steele as Ginny, one of the most resourceful Final Girls of the entire series. (Dir. by Steve Miner, 1981, USA, 87 mins., Rated R)