Galaxy of Terror


“Thoroughly deranged … a cheap, trashy, awesomely schlock-filled Alien knock-off.” – Oh, the Horror!

Featuring Grace Zabriskie, aka Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks!

“Hell Has Just Been Relocated!” Space is the place for trashy terror when a group of neurotic astronauts blast off to a remote planet and discover an evil alien lifeforce that forces them to face their darkest fears, which apparently consist of slime, nudity, exploding craniums, melting faces and rampaging sex worms! An entertainingly sleazy Alien rip-off infused with that special Roger Corman magic, Galaxy of Terror takes a surprisingly solid cast, including Edward Albert (The House Where Evil Dwells), Erin Moran (Joannie on Happy Days), Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian), Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Sid Haig (Spider Baby) and Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks), and then dunks them in a vat of bloody space cheese until they beg for mercy (or just lose their heads … literally). What is the monstrous horror that lives on the barren planet of Morganthus, waiting to destroy the crew members of the spaceship Quest, who have been sent there to rescue a bunch of missing astronauts? Who cares? But if you’re looking for an awesomely schlock-filled outer space freakshow featuring cinema’s first (and only?) sex scene involving a human and a horny 30 foot space worm, this is, indeed, your jam. Featuring production design by a young James Cameron. (Dir. by Bruce D. Clark, 1981, USA, 81 mins., Rated R)