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A new bride may be losing her mind, or at least that’s what her scheming husband wants her to think, in director George Cukor’s lavish gothic thriller starring Ingrid Bergman in her first Academy Award-winning performance. Set in Victorian London, Gaslight showcases the great Bergman as Paula, an emotionally-fragile newlywed who is unware that her seemingly charming husband, Gregory (Charles Boyer), whom she has only known for a few weeks, may be a crazed murderer.  Worse still, after they move into her family’s opulent mansion, Paula begins to suspect he’s trying to convince her (and everyone around her) that she’s going insane. But for what reason?  And can she get anyone to believe her before it’s too late?  Delightfully chilling and suspenseful, and directed with thrilling flair by legendary director George Cukor (The Philadelphia Story), Gaslight was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The suave Boyer and a wisecracking teenaged Angela Lansbury (in her film debut) each received nominations, with Bergman winning the first of her three career Oscars as the vulnerable heroine.  And yes, this is the Hollywood classic that introduced the politically-charged term “gaslighting” into the modern vernacular! (Dir. by George Cukor, 1944, USA, 114 mins., Not Rated)

1 HR 54 MIN | NR

Released 1944
Gaslight Trailer Trailer
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