For one showing only, 10 undergraduate students from the School of Art at the University of Arizona present Gesticulate – a compilation of video artworks produced in 2017. The artists include Jude Asadi, Kylie Daniels, Chelsea Douglas, Hailey Koellisch, Hannah Matthiessen, Adelina Mendoza, Anna Miller, Natalie Picht, Kennady Schneider and Lucretia Williams.

A celebration of the multiple uses of video art formats including mise-en-scène, performance, and montage, this screening advances the creative capacity and flexibility of the medium explored by the participants. The works in Gesticulate situates each artist’s visual vocabulary within a conceptual framework of their own choosing. The themes explored draw upon diverse elements that the artists are concerned with in their creative endeavors and lives.

Under the mentorship of video artist and Professor Sama Alshaibi, the students produced all the technical, aesthetic and conceptual components authored in their final video artworks. Gesticulate is a screening that exhibits evidence of the artists’ exertion in finding their own unique voice through the power of the moving image. Free and open to the public. (Dir. by Various, 2017, USA, Approximately 60 mins, Not Rated)