“This movie is a ton of fun, encapsulating everything that makes ‘80s horror so endearing.” – Dread Central

Featuring Eraserhead himself, Jack Nance, aka Peter Martell in Twin Peaks!

“They’ll Get You in the End!” Bumbling Satanists, breakdancing frat guys and a bunch of silly rubber hand puppets join forces in this relentlessly cheesy ‘80s horror flick that starts out like an awful Gremlins rip-off and wraps up like a really bad drug trip. In Ghoulies, uptight college preppie Jonathan inherits a creepy, rundown family mansion, tended to by a weird, mumbling gardener (Eraserhead’s Jack Nance, who also narrates the movie), following the mysterious death of his father, who happened to be a satanic warlock (played by ‘80s rock star Michael De Barres). Soon, Jonathan becomes possessed by evil forces, which force him to invite a bunch of his obnoxious college pals to the house for a weekend of strip poker, satanic rituals and bad acting. As the movie cheese begins to flow, Jonathan’s black magic conjures up the Ghoulies, a gaggle of demonic, highly unconvincing puppet monsters dripping with KY jelly, and before you know it, we’re treated to dumb/kinky horror (like a woman with a sexy 8 ft. tongue that kills!), lots of lowbrow humor (Ghoulies in the toilet!), and a “spectacular” final showdown between wizards with laser eyes! Released by the geniuses at Empire Pictures, the undeniably fun Ghoulies somehow became a major hit on home video (thanks 1980s!), inspiring three sequels and destroying a whole lot of brain cells. (Dir. by Luca Bercovici, 1984, USA, 81 mins., Rated PG-13)