Girlfriend from Hell


“Bawdy and tasteless and stupid … this was, without a doubt, the perfect USA Up All Night film.” – Daily Grindhouse

Featuring Dana Ashbrook, aka Bobby Briggs in Twin Peaks!

“The devil made her do it … not that she minded!” The Devil turns a high school wallflower into a voracious vixen with claws and cleavage in this ludicrous mélange of sex, Satanism and silliness assembled with all the subtlety of a Twisted Sister music video. Pursued through the universe by God’s hit man and the inventor of the condom, “Chaser” (Dana Ashbrook from Twin Peaks), the Devil swoops down on a totally bitchin’ teen party and into the body of high school geek Maggie (Critters 2). Soon, the joint is jumping as the new, devilishly sexy Maggie (complete with giant Whitesnake hair and 6 inch press-on nails) starts chowing down on the souls of all the boys via, you know, “doing it,” which doesn’t sit well with all the other girls, who band together with Chaser to stop this “girlfriend from hell.” Sort of a “greatest hits” of dumb ‘80s teen sex comedies and trashy horror flicks, Girlfriend from Hell features nuns with rocket launchers, trips through outer space, bathtubs full of bodies, a restaurant where the food attacks the customers, killer sex, and an overall IQ of approximately 25. What more could you want? (Dir. by Daniel Peterson, 1989, USA, 92mins., Rated R)