Giselle in 3D


Giselle, from the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Peterburg, is the world’s first ballet in 3D. This pixel-perfect 3D production captures the beauty and movement of a world-class performance in a new and mesmerizing way. The corps de ballet fan away from the viewer and the prima ballerinas dance with stunning realism, giving cinema audiences worldwide a ‘best seat in the house’ experience wherever they happen to sit.
Giselle is the story of a simple village girl who falls deeply in love with a dashing prince disguised as a peasant. The idyllic pastoral scene is shattered by an act of betrayal and the ensuing heartbreak. In the ballet blanc second act, Giselle haunts the stage with her host of vengeful spirits, but ultimately the strength of her love transcends even death and bestows forgiveness upon her repentant lover. Starring Natalia Osipova as Giselle and Leonid Sarafanov as Count Albert. (Total running time: 93 min., Not Rated) HD Digital