Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent / Pitbulooza!


Pit Bull…The very name alone sends images of fear to many – so much so that laws are created to restrict or prohibit the ownership of such dogs. Since 1987, Ohio has had a statewide restriction of the dogs “commonly known as Pit Bulls,” called Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), with vague language and subjective interpretation, that included a list of mandatory criteria one must meet to own a pitbull-type dog.
In the early portion of the 20th century, Pit Bull-type dogs enjoyed their greatest time of popularity. They were featured on WWI posters, symbolizing America for their courage and loyalty during the war, and were proudly referred to as the “Nanny Dog” for their love and affection to children. Somewhere along the way, everything changed… News reports and media hype started delivering one sided, emotionally charged and fear driven accounts of the breed’s alleged unpredictable behavior, perpetuating a sense of imminent danger. Politicians further assisted in the breeds’ downfall by proposing bills to ban the breed that was once revered in American history. They simple rode the wave of fear and passed BSL to offer false security from a monster that doesn’t exist.

Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent intimately examines the controversy of Breed Specific Legislation, investigates Ohio’s breed specific law from its inception, and uncovers the truth behind the misleading information of the most misunderstood dog…the Pit Bull. Do we have a dangerous dog breed problem, or just dangerous laws targeting dogs?

Before the film come check out the Pitbulooza Festival on the Loft Cinema patio! Pitbulooza! is going to be a huge PAWtay in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month! The festival starts at noon and will feature the Tucson Food Truck Round Up, live music featuring John Shipe (famous in pit bull circles for his songs “Pit Bull Blues” and “Pit Bull Rescue Woman”), educational speakers, family activities, dog adoptions, vendors, beer, and the chance to meet our amazing Ambass-a-Dogs!
Vendors and experts from canine behavior, training, nutrition, and wellness will be on hand to answer your questions. There’ll be freebies, a raffle, and a silent auction for some awesome items!