Guns Akimbo


A nerdy video game developer (Daniel Radcliffe) becomes the next contestant in an illegal live-streamed death match, in this hilariously dark, viciously violent, and chillingly prescient sci-fi thriller.

“A delightfully absurdist, high-octane, drug-fueled video game come to life.” – Brent Goldman,  Film Inquiry

Miles (Radcliffe) is a little too fond of stirring things up on the internet with his caustic and antagonizing comments. One night, he makes the mistake of drunkenly dropping an inflammatory barb on a broadcast of Skizm, a wildly popular illegal death-match fight club streamed live to the public. In response, Riktor (Ned Dennehy), the maniacal mastermind behind the channel, decides to force Miles’ hand and have him join the “fun.” After a surprise home visit from Riktor and his goons leaves Miles unconscious, he wakes to find heavy pistols bolted into his hand bones, and learns Nix (Samara Weaving), the psychopathic, trigger-happy star of Skizm, is his first opponent. And she’s at his front door. Gleefully echoing elements of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the Purge franchise, and video games like Smash TV and Mortal KombatGuns Akimbo is a loopy, turbo-charged sci-fi action flick about a crazed “future” that could be happening right now! (Dir. by Jason Lei Howden, 2019, UK/New Zealand/Germany, in English, 95 mins., Rated R)