Say hello to 2018, Mondo-style, as we celebrate the NINJA NEW YEAR by featuring a month’s-worth of hilariously messy martial arts flicks that will really give you a kick!

“The skill of gymnastics. The kill of karate!” Real-life ‘80s Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas goes for the gold in Gymkata, playing (wait for it …) an ‘80s Olympic gymnast who is sent by the U.S. government to compete in a deadly karate tournament in the fictional country of Parmistan, where he must combine his hot gymnastic moves with ancient martial arts skills in order to somehow save the free world by creating a ridiculous new fighting style called, you guessed it, “Gymkata!”

“A tour-de-force of B-movie greatness, with one of the most ludicrous premises ever presented in an action movie, and one of the most unthreatening action heroes ever cast.” –

Soon, our mullet-haired hero is riding the pommel horse and battling an evil ninja army that will do anything to stop Gymkata from spreading across the globe, and hopefully, also stop non-actor Kurt Thomas from making another terrible movie in his unfortunate bid to become an ‘80s action star.   Mission accomplished!   A legendarily dumb martial arts flick/unintentional comedy which proved, once and for all, that gymnastics really don’t kick ass (at least not in the kung-fu sense), Gymkata is a hilarious, one-movie genre that both started and stopped the ninja/gymnast/Kurt Thomas craze of 1985. (Dir. by Robert Clouse, 1985, USA, 90 mins., Rated R)