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Harry and the Hendersons


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A friendly Bigfoot named Harry finds a human family to love and things are going to get pretty hairy in this big-footed, big-hearted ‘80s comedy/adventure!

“A family adventure full of laughs, Harry and the Hendersons offers some touching scenes and powerful messages in between rollicking action scenes, slapstick gags, and sharp one-liners.” – Ellen Dendy, Common Sense Media

While vacationing in the Pacific Northwest, the Henderson family (led by Oscar-nominees John Lithgow and Melinda Dillon) accidently run over a strange animal with their car. At first thinking that the creature is a grizzly bear, the Hendersons soon discover the injured beast is a real-life Bigfoot, who may or not be dangerous. Taking the injured creature back to their home and nursing him back to health, the Hendersons find that “Harry” is really a gentle giant and not ferocious at all, and he quickly becomes a true friend to the family, especially the Henderson children. But life in the suburbs turns out to be tricky for Harry, and once word gets out about his existence, the Hendersons find themselves in a race against the clock to return their Bigfoot pal to his natural habitat before the authorities can capture him. Yes, the fur will fly in this feel-good family film (winner of an Academy Award for Best Makeup) that proves when it comes to fun, nobody delivers like Bigfoot! (Dir. by William Dear, 1987, USA, 110 mins., Rated PG)